Monday, March 21, 2011

Still Praying

Dear God,

I thought I'd take the opportunity of the NRC's approval of Vermont Yankee's relicensing to explain why I haven't prayed here lately. I have been praying, silently, for the victims of the murderous havoc that nuclear power has wreaked on Japan. I have been praying for the small number of people with acute radiation poisoning and for the almost unimaginably large number of people whose health long-term will go dramatically downhill. I have also been wondering about the economic cost to Japan and to the world in general of the profound poisoning of a national food supply and of the tainting with deadly radioactive isotopes of the drinking water of the world's largest city (Tokyo, with 33 million people).

But I haven't been publicly praying here because I use this prayer blog mostly to amuse you, dear Lord, while you take care of the weak and wounded of the world. And frankly, as you know, there's been absolutely nothing lately for me to joke about.



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