Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dynamic Point of View Based Business Strategy

Dear God,

We've been unable to sell Vermont Yankee. As reported by the Brattleboro Reformer, we received interest from a number of companies, but the uncertain political environment in Vermont scared everyone away. "The plant's strong operating performance was attractive to potential buyers," we've explained in a press release. "The political uncertainty was not."

You'll be glad to learn, as the Reformer reports, that we are "leaving the door open to any potential purchase offers should conditions change, consistent with our dynamic point-of-view based business strategy."

Anyway, God, want to see what negotiations consistent with our dynamic point-of-view based business strategy look like? The security camera caught a couple'a guys talking. I can't really tell you who is who in this video. Nuclear energy company execs all look alike to m, and they often look this pleased with themselves.

I think I'll go climb a refrigerator.



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